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Web Translation

first post: micnolmad wrote: Hi, Would you guys have time to make the web translator plugin mo...

Support to embedded images

first post: warmth wrote: I'm getting a path error when trying to load embedded images.

Managing translated resx after editing form in VS Designer

first post: Discort wrote: Hi all. I need your opinion, what you are doing if form was chnag...

add support of ".resx.xml"

first post: AtaIravani wrote: Dear ResEx Coder Thanks for this helpful application. Because so ...

VS 2010

first post: sn50 wrote: Can I use it in VS 2010? Thanks for reply, Mike

latest post: papadi wrote: It's a matter of version of .NET being used and not version of VS. ...

Viewing original strings of translated items

first post: ptram wrote: Hi,After translating the strings (right column), the original strin...

latest post: papadi wrote: right! However I reproduced your steps and found some strange behav...

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